Do not eat Snake fruit if you have these medical condition

Snake fruit medical condition to not eat it

Snake fruit also known as Salak is a tropical fruit native to Indonesia. You can find it quite easily upon visiting the country. From a traditional fruit stall across the street to the more luxurious malls or hotels showcases this mysterious fruit. But should you buy salak and eat it? Read on. Snake fruit is […]

How to germinate Snake Fruit seeds – Grow Salak from seed successfully

Germinating snake fruit seeds is a relatively easy thing to do but if you have little information about snake fruit, then you should definitively read this article. Even though snake fruit seeds are easy to germinate, doesn’t mean that there are no guidelines to follow. If you’re doing it wrong from the very first stage, […]

6 Tips for buying Snake Fruits – Lug home that tasty & fresh Snake Fruit

Buying snake fruit tips

Buying snake fruit, if you’re not from Asia perhaps is not as common as buying apple, banana or papaya. Outside Asia, this fruit is actually a rare gem. However, when you find it in the fruit stall in your country, how would you choose the tastiest one? Picking snake fruit with the perfect ripe condition […]

How long until a Snake Fruit Tree matures & produce fruit?

Young snake fruit tree

Planting a snake fruit tree will only take a few minutes if what you mean is planting a bare-root seedling. But how long do you have to wait before your newly planted tree bears fruit? Well, I’m afraid you will have to wait in a couple of years or more. First thing first, how long […]

Salacca Wine – A wild alternative wine worth a try

Wine Salak

Salacca wine? Well, I’m 100% sure you haven’t tried this wine before. There are of course plenty of famous wine out there like Bordeaux, Champagne, Chianti, Rioja, you name it, but Salacca? You’ll only find it in Bali, nowhere else. Salacca wine (wine salak) is a Balinese liqueur made by fermenting and hedging fresh Salak […]