What is Salak Pondoh and should you eat it?

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Salak Pondoh (Salacca zalacca Gaertner Voss) or (Salacca edulis Reinw.) is one of the most famous snake fruit cultivar that grow in Indonesia. This tropical fruit is native to Java, Indonesia. The plantations were most common in certain region of Sleman and Banjarnegara.

The cultivar is developed mainly because it is more productive than the others. Moreover, unlike the other snake fruits, salak pondoh actually has a sweet characteristic even when the fruit is not fully mature.

It has several varieties, including Salak Pondoh Hitam, Kuning, and Super.

Salak Pondoh Hitam

Salak pondoh hitam is originating from Sleman, Yogyakarta. The pulp usually consists of three lobes. It has a hard texture with a thickness between 0.8-1.5 cm. The size is between 2.5-7.5 cm and weighs 30-100 g / fruit.

Pondoh Hitam has the darkest skin color when compared to the other cultivars. When picked in the fifth month since the flower is blooming, it will taste as sweet as longan fruit.

Salak Pondoh Kuning

Salak Pondoh Kuning

This variety has a similar shape with Pondoh Hitam but bigger in size. The unique characteristic from this fruit is that it has a yellowish brown skin color. However, the taste is not as sweet as the Pondoh Hitam.

Salak Pondoh Super

Of all snake fruit that grows in Indonesia, this variety produces the biggest fruit. As the name suggests, not only big but it also sweet. This is the superior zalacca plant that can grow well with proper care.

Health benefits of Salak Pondoh

Did you know that Salak Pondoh is great for your vision? The nutrition content is very useful to help you with the blurriness. Besides it is beneficial for healthy eyesight, turns out that it also has anti-cancer content. It helps to avoid various types of cancer.

One of the most common health problem that it is known to help with is diarrhea. It helps you to have a healthy intestine and avoid various kinds of digestive and intestinal diseases.

Or, are you dieting? Well then, the fruit is great for your dietary intake as well! Since this is also a source of energy, it is a good alternative when you don’t have time to eat food. Not only that it helps you to achieve your dream body goals, but your immunity will increase as well.

The fruit is also good for pregnant woman. It contains lots of essential vitamins and nutrients and is a good source of fiber too. It will help in maintaining the health of the fetus throughout pregnancy.

Delicious way to eat Salak Pondoh

The sweetness of the fruit makes it perfect for candied fruit’s ingredient. To make a candied salak you’ll need a snake fruit that the flesh is hard enough, then add sugar as its preservative.

Another food you can make is salak chips. You can make it by peeling the fruit, removing the seeds, slice it thin, add some flavoring and then fry it.

There is also a traditional Indonesian food called Jenang. It is a typical Javanese food. In every Javanese rituals, especially in Surakarta, this food is always present. The food has become a symbol of prayer, hope, unity, and spirit of the Javanese community.

Surprisingly, you can also make Jenang. Even though the taste is a little bit off but it still Jenang, cause it looks like one. To make Jenang Salak you will need to add sugar, coconut milk and grated coconut with Salak pulps. They are all then cooked and mixed together.

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