Students of UNY University turns snake fruit skin into deodorant – Unbelievable!

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Foot odor is a common problem in our daily life. I think everyone has experienced stinky feet, even if they’re ridiculously clean. The horrible smell is caused by excessive perspiration that makes bacteria grows fat on your skin.

Today I have good news for anyone who has an unpleasant smell on their feet. Recently students of UNY University (Yogyakarta State University) created a deodorant that’s so effective for treating bad foot odour and shockingly it is made of snake fruit skin.

What did you do with the peel after you done eating snake fruit? Ehh throw it to the bin, right? But not with these UNY university students; Aditia Pramudia Sunandar and Rahmanisa Laila Fitri majoring in Biology Education study program, Asmi Aris from Chemistry Education study program, Muhammad Abdurrahman Mukhlis majoring in Accounting study program and Putri Matsya Sabilla from Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program.

Student of UNY University
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They make a deodorant out of snake fruit skin and they call it as Cadeo (Salacca zalacca Deodorant).

“The idea comes up when there are so many unaffordable foot odor products on the market yet they aren’t that efficient,” says Aditia Pramudia Sunandar.

Snake fruit skin was chosen because it contains flavonoid, tannin, and alkaloid, simply put it’s an antibacterial agent. Besides, there are loads of salak that is available year round in Indonesia,” he added.

How they turns snake skin fruit into deodorant?

Asmi Aris explain the process of making Cadeo deodorant, and the process is as follows:

First of all snake fruit extract was made by drying salak pondoh peel for 5 days then soaked and placed in aluminum foil containers for 3 days. After that the material was then filtered, it produces filtrate 1 and waste 1.

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Waste 1 then mixed with ethanol and covered with aluminum foil for 2 days then dried. This process produces filtrate 2 and waste 2.

After that, filtrate 1 and filtrate 2 are mixed together and evaporated with a vacuum evaporator at 60Celcius. Then it was evaporated with a water bath at the same temperature. That is how the extract was made.

The next step was emulsifying the extract by adding sucrose, Na Benzoate, peppermint oil, lavender essential oil, mocca oil and distilled water, and then they were stirred together. This produces thick lotion that will be stored at room temperature for 1 day.

The last step is weighing the lotion as much as 80 ml and 150 ml then put it in a bottle. Cadeo lotion is ready to be marketed.

“Cadeo was designed to dry faster making it comfortable when used on your feet. The scents offered are lavender, mint, and mocca. You can use this product whether you’re using socks or not, but you have to wait for the spray to dry evenly before wearing footwear,” Putri Matsya Sabilla added.

This perhaps could be an alternative when you’re looking for a cheaper deodorant. Let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below!

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