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Fruits are nature’s fast food. No doubt they are one of the healthiest food on the planet.

You might be wondering if you can still eat fruits and lose weight. You might also think that fruit contains too much sugar to be part of a healthy weight loss diet.

Now, while it is true that fruits contain sugar, you have to understand that it is far more than just the sugar content. It also gives us so many beneficial substances to help our diet such as nutrients, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and so much more.

The biggest misconception about fruit is that it has sugar, and sugar will cause us to gain excess body fat. Yes, of course, you will gain weight if you are eating too many fruits, but if you limit your serving and pick the right fruit for your diet, you’ll be surprised with the result.

It is also important to note that snake fruit has high fiber content and fiber actually helps to not spike our blood sugar. So, when we are eating a piece of snake fruit, it’s not going to spike our blood sugar as quickly as having a soda because we’ve got that fiber in the fruit helps in that process.

So, today I will share with you guys; how to lose weight by adding snake fruit to your diet.

If you haven’t been to Bali or South East Asia, perhaps you don’t know about this exotic snake fruit or so-called Salak.

I’m sure you want to check out my article about Salak here. It is quite a long post that discuss the fruit from what it is, how to eat it, the history, until how to grow the tree.

So, this is what a snake fruit looks like, it certainly has scaly skin and spikes!

Snake fruit medical condition to not eat it

Not your usual fruit, does it? It might not be looking as attractive as mango or berries but for the sake of weight loss, it is actually has a higher fiber content than mango. But before we go to fiber, I want to talk about nutrient first.

So, what nutrient does snake fruit have?

We’re all getting older every day, and aging also means that our capability to absorb nutrients becomes so much weaker. Our body doesn’t absorb nutrients as good as they once did.

We need the nutrient for growth, repair, maintenance, disease prevention and so much more.

Nutrients are extremely essential yet we can’t have too much calories to fill up in our body. Calorie isn’t bad for you but if you do not pay close attention to it while you’re on a weight loss diet you’ll absolutely gain more weight.

While everyone needs a different amount of nutrient, it is always good to choose nutrient-dense foods for our diet.

So, what nutrients content does this scaly fruit has to offer?

Alright, let’s bring the table in.

NumberNutrient ContentProportion
77 (cal)
2Protein0,40 (g)
20,90 (g)
4Calcium28,00 (mg)
5Phosphorus18,00 (mg)
6Iron4,20 (mg)
7Vitamin B0,04 (mg)
8Vitamin C2,00 (mg)
9Water78,00 (mg)
10Edible parts50 %

Those are the nutrient content from Salak Pondoh (one of the best snake fruit cultivar in Indonesia) in every 100 grams.

Salak definitely is a nutrient-dense fruit. Apart from the 77 calories per 100 gram, it actually offers so many beneficial contents that could help your diet.

You need around 800 to 1,500 calories a day when you’re on a healthy low-calorie diet. So, 3-4 snake fruit a day is the perfect amount you can definitely enjoy eating.

This is a good choice of fruit to help fill the gaps and provide more nutrition bang for the calorie buck. Plus the fiber content will help you to feel full.

Snake fruit is a fiber powerhouse!

Fiber isn’t just for those of you that are on a weight loss diet, they are useful to everyone. Not only they can maintain your weight but also helps move food through the digestive system, lower bad cholesterol, help relieve and prevent constipation and help prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Salak is a great source of fiber. Surprisingly, it has an even higher dietary fiber content than mango. In every 100 gram of Salak contains 2 gram of fiber, 0.4 gram higher than mango.

According to The American Heart Association Eating Plan, adults need 25 to 30 grams of a total dietary fiber intake a day. Salak will definitely help you to increase your daily fiber intake. So, fiber up and slim down!

How to lose weight with Snake Fruit

  • Never eat Salak when your stomach is empty.
  • Eat at least 3-4 snake fruit each day.
  • 2 Salak in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 for your dinner dessert is the best practice.
  • Always eat fresh Salak and don’t make it into juice, juice doesn’t have fiber!

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or health care provider. So I advise you to discuss with your doctor any questions or concerns you may have.

Share this article if you find it useful, your family & friends might need it. Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to drop me your thought in the comment section below.

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