This is the absolute easiest and safest way to peel snake fruit

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How would you peel snake fruit? If you live in the US or Europe, Salak or Snake fruit is not the type of fruit you can see every day. Outside of Asia, the fruit is actually rare and that’s exactly what makes it special.

You need to travel a long miles just to eat fresh snake fruit straight off the tree. You might as well buy it in the nearest fruit shop (if there’s any) or buy it online.

The real question is, how’s the quality? I’m sure you, you don’t want to eat rotten Salak.

Let’s assume you bought a bag of snake fruit, and now you’re excited to finally eat it. You start to peel one after another with your bare hands. Suddenly, the third or forth fruits starts to hurt your hands.

Without you noticing it, each side of the scaly skin becomes sharper and made a way to cut your hand. And that is actually my own experience when I was a kid, not knowing how to peel Salak properly.

No worries, here I present to you the absolute easiest and safest way to peel snake fruit.

How to peel Snake Fruit – Trick number #1

Peel Salak with thumb

Press the tip of the fruit with your thumb upward.

This is how it looks after pressing it upward with your thumb

After the tip was peeled then you can press the fruit with both of your hands easily

Finally, you can enjoy the fruit worry free

How to peel Snake Fruit – Trick number #2

If you think you have enough power, do this instead

That’s how you crack open a snake fruit

How to peel Salak – Trick number #3

Only if you have nails

Locate the gaps between the pulp and slice it with your nails

Peel snake fruit easily

Then just open it

Now that you know these tricks, you can peel Salak like easily. Most importantly, you will not hurt your hands anymore. If you have any better way to peel snake fruit, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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