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Million of people loves to drink coffee, but Salacca Coffee, would you dare to try it? Some believe that drinking coffee is a must or they won’t be able to function normally throughout the day. That is how powerful a cup of coffee can do to us. From light, medium or dark roasted, we have our own preference on how to drink it.

Due to the fact that the temperatures range from 15–30 deg C and the humidity is in the 70–90% range. Indonesia is the perfect place for coffee plantation. Moreover, the country has a rainfall that averages between 1,500 to 2,500 mm per year.

The country has produced a lot of different flavors appreciated by the world. Not only that but it also home to many exotic fruits that you will not see in other countries. Salak is indigenous to Indonesia, and now it is making its way into the heart of coffee lovers.

How is that possible? Well, it turns out that we can actually turn the seed into a completely black, thick and decent cup of coffee. Did you know that the concentration level of Salacca Coffe is above the dark roasted coffee? That makes it even better, right?

What is this Salacca Coffee about?

We call it Salacca Coffee (Kopi Salak) – a coffee that doesn’t actually contain any coffee beans at all. The name Salacca comes from the Latin word of Salak or snake fruit, and coffee, because it tastes like one. It is a coffee because the whole production process is the same as how we make coffee out of coffee beans.

How did we come up with this?

Salacca Coffee was first made in Sibetan Village, Bebandem Subdistrict, Karangasem Regency. This is one of the largest Salak producers in Bali. It was first discovered and developed by I Nyoman Mertha Kong King, a resident in that area. It all began when civets attack the plantation that he was working on.

Civets are well known in the coffee world as well. Luwak Coffee is the coffee seeds that are coming from the civet’s butt, literally. After the seeds were digested and defecated by the civets, then we collect the seeds and make it into coffee.

Now, when Nyoman Mertha looked at his ruined snake fruit farm, he found a lot of Salak seeds under the trees. He then walked to around ten meters away and found civets droppings which were Luwak Coffee seed. He got inspired by this.

Nyoman Merta thought to himself that the seed is as hard as coffee beans and it is being liked by the same animal. He then tried to innovate this idea by breaking the seeds and drying them. Then the final step, just like making coffee powder he then roasting, grinding and serve it in a cup.

Finally, he proceeds to the initial stage of trying his own invention. But, he couldn’t let human to drink it because it might be poisonous. This is something new and it hasn’t been done before. He tries to give the coffee to animals, and two days after drinking it, the animal was fine.

Nyoman Mertha was sure about this, so he asked his friend to help. His friend is a lecturer in Denpasar, he then researching this invention scientifically. After being examined, it turned out that the processed Salak seeds have a lot of health benefits!

The Journey of I Nyoman Mertha Kong King

Tested at the beginning of 2015, the coffee could cure heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. By the end of 2015, Nyoman Mertha includes his coffee in a national competition in Jakarta. In the competition, he won the first place.

The coffee then represents Indonesia in an international competition in Rome, Italy. As a result, in 2016 the coffee came in second and ranked Silver.

Unfortunately, these achievements didn’t get Nyoman Mertha to patent his work. Even though he did not get the patent, the local residents are still producing and selling the coffee.

The process of making Salacca Coffee

To make Salacca Coffee, the seeds have to go through a sorting process. The first thing to do is to sort out the seeds based on its quality, to then later dried for about two days. Once the seeds are dried, they are then roasted in a pan.

When the seeds get blackish and a bit charred, the roasting process is finished. On to the next step, crushing the seeds using a manual crusher that can be found in the traditional kitchens. There is no machine used in this process.

The aroma of the just-roasted seeds is described as bitter and charred. Imagine smelling the strong scent while it is still steaming? But you have to wait until the temperature dropped and it is safe to drink. Unlike the taste of coffee that has caffeine, this coffee tastes as it smells, bitter and charred.

With its high-level bitter sensation, the taste might be too strong for some people. But if you do like this kind of taste, go for it as the concentration level is higher than the regular coffee. You can get it as cheap as $ 1 per glass and you may enjoy it with a teaspoon of sugar. This Coffee is different than the coffee that we know of. This is a great alternative if you are interested in exploring other flavors.

What are the benefits of drinking Salacca Coffee?

The coffee is actually safer for the stomach than the regular coffee. The reason is that it doesn’t contain any caffeine. This is especially true for people that are dealing with hypertension. Even though it is not as popular as Espresso, there are various health benefits that it offers.

The coffee has nutritious properties that are beneficial to your body. It contains protein, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and so much more. Here are some health benefits you can get from drinking Salacca Coffee;

1. Alternative medicine

Salacca coffee is one of the natural alternatives to medicines that can overcome gout. This coffee can also prevent rheumatism, muscle pain and can reduce pain in the joints caused by gout. Drinking this coffee on a daily basis is an alternative to cure gout.

2. Maintaining a healthy digestive system

Salak is known for its benefit in maintaining the digestive system. The fiber content help to prevent constipation and relieving stomach nausea.

3. Boost your endurance and stamina

This coffee can also increase endurance in your body. This happens because it contains proteins supported by the presence of carbohydrates. They are able to meet the daily energy requirements needed by the human. Drinking this coffee can be a way to increase the energy in your body.

4. Improve your concentration

This coffee can help you to concentrate on your learning process. It is believed that it could improve your intelligence. It means that your mindset and memory capacity will increase as well. As a result, brain development is working optimally.

The brain capability to sends the signal to other parts of the body becomes faster. It means that you can be faster at remembering things. As a result, you can be better in dealing with any condition that you may encounter.

Not only that, the protein content has good benefits for your muscles. Drinking this coffee can help your muscle and your nervous system to perform better.

5. Effective natural diarrhea remedies

Diarrhea is one of the digestive disorders. This is usually characterized by pain in the stomach and difficulty in defecating. The anti-bacterial properties can reduce bacteria in the mouth and reduce bad breath. It’s best to avoid adding sugar because sugar can trigger bacterial growth in the mouth.

Those are some information about Salacca coffee. The taste is strong and perfect for you who like concentrated coffee. Though it has so many benefits, remember that any consumption must be in a balanced portion. Excessive consumption of coffee won’t be good for you, and won’t get you the most results.

Salacca Coffee is beneficial to maintain your health. Drink it on a daily basis and have a healthy lifestyle to maximize the final results you can get out of this. Besides, you should add exercise and eat healthier foods as well!

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