6 Tips for buying Snake Fruits – Lug home that tasty & fresh Snake Fruit

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Buying snake fruit, if you’re not from Asia perhaps is not as common as buying apple, banana or papaya. Outside Asia, this fruit is actually a rare gem. However, when you find it in the fruit stall in your country, how would you choose the tastiest one?

Picking snake fruit with the perfect ripe condition is not as easy as what you might think it is. So, have you ever wondered why the snake fruit you bought from that fruit stall is not as tasty as what the seller tells you? Did you hesitate to buy it? Because the last time you get it from that shop tastes bitter, too tart or even worse, it’s rotten?

If that’s the case, then you should definitely know how to buy the tastiest snake fruit from your nearest fruit stall, if any. Take my tips and you will never get that ugly snake fruit ever again.

How to buy the perfect ripe snake fruit from your local fruit stall

Snake fruit with perfect ripe condition
Perfectly ripe snake fruit
  1. Pick the best cultivar
    Did you know: In Indonesia alone, there are at least 30 known snake fruit cultivars, some of them have several varieties and the genus of salacca has 22 species.

    First of all, the best cultivars are actually Salak Pondoh, Salak Bali and Salak Padang Sidempuan. The others aren’t that tasty, so when purchasing the fruit you should ask the seller if it is one of that cultivars.
  2. Pick the fruit that has yellowish brown skin color
    Snake fruit that has a perfect ripe condition will have yellowish brown skin color. So, every time you buy snake fruits from the fruit stall, you should obviously check the skin color.
  3. Pick oval shaped snake fruit
    The sweetness of a snake fruit, especially from Pondoh cultivar can be spotted from the shape. The more oval the shape, the sweeter it gets. So, make sure you choose the most oval shaped snake fruit.
  4. Pick snake fruit with wide gaps in its scale
    The gap in snake fruit scale marks weather it’s ripe or not. A perfectly ripe snake fruit will have wide gaps in its scale, conversely young snake fruit has little gaps. So, make sure you pick the one that has the most wide gaps.
  5. Try to press the tip gently
    Press the tip gently, see if it spits water. If it does, then you shouldn’t pick that one. When the tip spits water, it simply means that the fruit is overripe or it might actually rotten.
  6. Pick the fruit yourself
    More often than not, when buying a kilo or two snake fruits, the seller will pack it for you. So, it is better to select several fruits then give it to the seller to pack. So you don’t end up getting cheated or bringing home overripe snake fruits.

That’s how to buy the tastiest snake fruit. Make sure to check all the tips above before buying one. Do you have any good or bad experiences when buying snake fruit? Share with us your story in the comment section below.

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