6 Snake Fruit business ideas that can make you rich

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Snake fruit business is unknown territory for most entrepreneurs. You might be familiar with fruit businesses other than snake fruit. In fact, you might’ve heard a story about FruitGuys who built a $30M business selling fresh fruits in the US. If you don’t, I’m sure you want to check that out, the story is very inspiring.

Well, that’s a fruit delivery service business model. And, what about that well-known company selling bottled fruit juices? Like Fresh Del Monte Produce, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Nestlé, Pepsi, you name it. Or other entrepreneurs that are selling fresh or processed fruits? They make money, even though the opposite is true, some burns money and failed terribly.

So, what differentiates the successful entrepreneur from the unsuccessful entrepreneur in fruit businesses?

Just like any other business, there are of course many reasons that makes a business succeed or fail. But in fruit business I think one of the main reason to fail is that selling way too competitive fruits produce. Conversely, less competitive fruits are easier to sell.

Watermelon, bananas, oranges, grapes, man people can buy them in Walmart or other convenience store. But exotic fruits, hmm it might be so hard to find, especially snake fruit.

Try to find salak in your country, if you live outside of Asia chances are you can not find it so easily.

And now, you may ask “do people like snake fruit?” Well, I haven’t seen any bad reviews about it. Go to YouTube, Facebook or other social media platform and try to find people who don’t like snake fruit. Can you find them? Share what you find in the comment section below.

Snake fruit has a high commodity price

Snake fruit price in Australia

Remember that four basic laws of supply and demand? “Low supply – high demand increases the price, in contrast, high demand – low supply lower the price”.

Indeed, snake fruit is actually very cheap in Indonesia, there are too many snake fruit farmers here, too much competition. But in your country, I bet there will be little or no competition at all. Which means a higher price.

If you ever find salak in your country, I’m pretty sure it was imported from Asia, mostly from Indonesia. That’s also the reason why it became so expensive. As we all know that shipping and handling cost money.

If you look at the picture above, you can see that in Australia the snake fruit price could reach up to $18 per kg. Anyways, I get that picture from Facebook.

Later that day, I saw someone posts a snake fruit picture in Instagram and I can tell he wasn’t in Asia.

So, out of my curiosity, I had to find out the price. And shockingly, in Europe, it is way much more expensive.

The fruit costs 29€ per 1 kg, or roughly $32.51/kg. That is staggering. If I can sell at that price, I’d be rich in less than a year.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the Pondoh cultivar (Salak Pondoh) costs only around $0.3-$0.5 per kg.

It is very cheap that sometimes it makes me lazy to harvest the crop, not worth the time and effort.

Okay, so that’s a little bit of the background why snake fruit business could make you rich. Now, without further ado these are the 6 Snake Fruit business ideas that can make you rich:

1. Start a profitable snake fruit plantation

Snake fruit plantation

Snake fruit plantation is very rewarding – physically, mentally and financially.

If you have at least 4.000 square meters of land to plant snake fruit trees, I’m sure you won’t need to go to the gym anymore. You’ll have to do the tree care every two days or so, but there’s always something to do at the plantation.

Salak tree pruning is actually kind of fun farming activity, check out how my brother prunes snake fruit tree below.

It might look like a light job but if you had to cut hundreds of stems, you’ll be drenched in sweat.

Being in a snake fruit garden is very relaxing when I spend times in the garden by myself, I felt relieved from stress and anxiety. It is very peaceful and rejuvenating, moreover when you start to enjoy gardening. It makes you forget about your problems, for sure.

Not only it is beneficial for your physical and mental health but snake fruit plantation could possibly become your ticket to your success.

Okay, let’s do a simple math here

As you are the farmer, you’ll be selling to the supplier below the market price. Let’s say you sell it at $10 per kg (just to make the math easier, I’m not good at math, so bear with me lol) and you have 4.000 square meters of snake fruit plantation. Which means there will be around 750 snake fruit trees with 3 meters spacing.

If you grow the Pondoh cultivar you’ll be able to harvest the fruit every 10 days year round. Each tree are capable of producing at least 2 kg of fruits.

So, let’s count your estimated profits from 4.000 square meters of snake fruit plantation:

2kg of salak x 750 trees : 1500 kg

1500 kg x $10 : $1500 every 10 days

It’s a terrible calculation, please do your own research. Let me know what you think about this plantation idea in the comment section below. I’m extremely curious to hear your thought.

2. Start a snake fruit Agritourism business

Snake fruit Agritourism business
© malaytravelandtour.blogspot.com

Tourism is already proven to be a great money-making business. In fact, many countries are relentlessly promoting their tourism sector. This is a fast-growing industry that has experienced continued growth and diversification.

Each year, new areas of tourism are emerging, including Agritourism or Agro-tourism. It is an innovative agricultural activity that combines between tourism and agriculture.

So, when you have successfully build your plantation, you may as well add more value by opening the snake fruit Agro-tourism. Not only it will create an additional source of income but also create more employment opportunities.

3. Start a wholesale snake fruit distributor

Wholesale snake fruit distributor

Snake fruit plantation perhaps is not within the bounds of possibility for everyone. Your geographic location will certainly affect the productivity of your plantation. Note that there are requirements for snake fruit growth.

But don’t worry, every cloud has a silver lining. Snake fruit distributor is a promising business either. And again, this could be the ticket to your success.

Now, I want you to imagine; “what if, you become the only snake fruit distributor in your country?” Hmm I smell money.

4. Start a canned snake fruit business

Canned snake fruit business

Canned fruit business is another alternative if you think you can’t sell fresh snake fruit.

Salak tree may be can not grow in your country, so importing it from Indonesia perhaps is the only option. However, this fruit cannot last longer than a week.

Meanwhile, shipping it via sea is a big no no for fruit commodities and via air is where it becomes very expensive. So, why not selling canned fruit and add more price into it?

5. Start a salacca coffee business

Salacca coffee business

Salacca coffee business can be extremely profitable. Did you know? At least 80% of American adults drink coffee on a regular basis.

What about world wide coffee consumption? Well, approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee is consumed every single day.

That is mind-blowing, and you can take a part in this business too. Sell this coffee and stand out from the crowd. This coffee is already offering its own uniqueness.

6. Start a salacca wine business

This business idea perhaps is not for everyone, because it will require you to be passionate about wine and you know what, crafting your own wine ain’t easy.

The wine industry is full of big brands moreover, people already have their own preference. But, if you can offer them something new and unique, more often than not people will always want to try it.

What if they liked it? Think about it, hmm salacca wine.

I believe there are still many undiscovered business opportunities from this tropical fruit. So, do you have any snake fruit business idea in your mind?

Share your ideas in the comment below, I must be missing a lot here, and perhaps you can help me and other entrepreneurs to better understand fruit business, particularly snake fruit.

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