Fertilizing Snake Fruit Tree: How and when to fertilize Snake Fruit

One of the most important aspects in cultivating snake fruit tree is fertilization. Even though the tree produce fruits all year round, but to get the maximum yield, we’ll need to fertilize them. Therefore, in order for the Salak plants to produce extra fruits, the fertilization must be done properly, as well as ensuring soil […]

Is it safe to eat snake fruit during pregnancy?

eat snake fruit during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you’ll often feel nausea or better known as morning sickness. It commonly happens during the first three months of pregnancy. Yes, it does feel uncomfortable, that’s why you always want something fresh to relief it. Snake fruit tastes very refreshing, that’s why pregnant women in Indonesia usually like it. However, there are […]

Students of UNY University turns snake fruit skin into deodorant – Unbelievable!

Deodorant from snake fruit skin

Foot odor is a common problem in our daily life. I think everyone has experienced stinky feet, even if they’re ridiculously clean. The horrible smell is caused by excessive perspiration that makes bacteria grows fat on your skin. Today I have good news for anyone who has an unpleasant smell on their feet. Recently students […]

Pests and diseases of Snake Fruit and their control

Pest and disease control of snake fruit tree

Salacca zalacca or commonly known as snake fruit is the fruit of a palm tree that grows prolific in the tropic. Even though it is a tropical fruit plant yet some gardeners reportedly has been successfully grown it in colder climates. When cultivating a plant you will certainly experience many problems. Incorrect planting techniques is […]