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How are you guys doing during this lockdown period? It just feels like a holiday at first right? but then it felt a little bit bored over time. So, I think I will use this time to learn a new gardening skill, which is “grafting”. I’m sure it will be fun and most importantly it will keep myself busy during this self-isolation time, plus I will have a new skill.

I’ve been lurking on youtube, gardening forums, blogs, and Facebook gardening groups learning about what grafting is, why plants are grafted, and how to do it.

Watching and reading so many grafting tutorials on the internet makes me confident that I can do it too. So, I think it’s time to put what I learned into practice and to do that, I’ve transplanted several durian seedlings into polybags a few days ago.

Yup, luckily I did plant a lot of durian seeds during the durian season in January. I plant them in the garden so I have to re-plant it or move it into polybags. I think it will make much easier for grafting as a newbie.

As for the scion, I will purchase it from Durian nursery not far from my home but I’ll have to order it online, though.

I believe you’re much better than me at this topic but in case you’re also new on plant grafting, and you don’t have any idea about it, here’s the definition;

Plant grafting is a technique of attaching the scion of superior plants with a rootstock from the same plant’s family (durian scion with durian rootstock, apple scion with apple rootstock, and so on).

What is scion and what is rootstock? I suppose it’s better to be described with a picture, here you go then.

You wight be wondering, why plants are grafted? Well, there are many reasons for this, some people want to repair their damaged plants, change their tree varieties, or simply to have a superior fruit tree. One that is resistance to diseases, bear fruit quickly, and produce the desired fruits.

So, the next posts would be a lot about grafting fruit tree. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow this journey. Be safe everyone, I hope things will get better soon.

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