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The world knows cardamom as the queen of spices. Cardamom itself comes in three different types: green cardamom, white cardamom, and black cardamom. White cardamom price is cheaper than the price of the green variety. Learn about the latest price of white cardamom on this page.

Knowing the latest price of cardamom is crucial since cardamom is known as the third priciest spice in the world. It becomes famous and pricey because of the treatment farmers need to perform in order to produce quality cardamoms for all importers.


Cardamom comes from some countries in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, India, and Guatemala are three most famous regions that produce cardamom. Indonesia produces quality cardamom and export the spice year round. Learn about white cardamom from Indonesia below.

White cardamom production per year

Indonesia has been known as the producer of spices since years ago. One of the most expensive spices produced by the country is white cardamom. The country is a major producer of white cardamom, which is highly valued in the global market.

The majority of cardamoms are shipped to China and Vietnam where they will be utilized by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, Indonesia exported white cardamom to China and Vietnam for up to 130.000 metric tons. And in 2020, the harvest of white cardamom in Indonesia was decent.

About 14 metric tons of white cardamom per hectare was harvested in 2020 in Indonesia. This country is competing well with Guatemala and India.

White cardamom producing states in Indonesia

At least there are five different regions in Indonesia that are still producing cardamom. Each region produces different amounts of white cardamom. The biggest producer of white cardamom is West Java. Here are the details of white cardamom produced in 2021.

West Java produced 89,021,626 kilograms of white cardamom.

Central Java produced white cardamom about 26,526,398 kilograms.

North Sumatera produced 3,170,591 kilograms of white cardamom.

West Sumatera produced white cardamom up to 2,150,983 kilograms.

East Java produced 1,891,389 kilograms of white cardamom.

Those are the major regions in Indonesia that produce cardamom, especially the white variety that has a round shape instead of long and oval one. Some other regions may also produce white cardamom, but not in significant amounts.

White cardamom export value

White cardamom price is currently stable today. But the sourcing costs may get higher since the buyers need to leverage air freight to avoid delays. Indonesia is the second biggest exporter of cardamom and the biggest exporter of white cardamom.

The major importer of this spice is the United Arab Emirates. ITC Trade stated that in 2020, Saudi Arabia imported up to 10,929 metric tons of cardamom. The value of this spice was about USD 307.5 million. Some other countries that also import cardamom are European and some American countries.

Cardamom Price Today

In 2022, the price range of cardamom in the United States is between USD 4.71 and USD 4.84 per lb (bound) or between USD 10.38 and USD 10.68 per kilogram. The price of cardamom in the other continents are different.

In Europe for example, the latest white cardamom price is EUR 10.68 per kilogram. Three years ago, before the pandemic, the price of cardamom in the US was USD 17.52 per kilogram. What causes the changes in cardamom price?

Factors Affecting Cardamom Price

Sometimes, the price of cardamom can be so high while some other times the price becomes so much lower. There are three different factors that affect the price of all cardamom varieties. Those factors are robust export demand, production shortfall, and middleman. Here are the complete details.

Robust export demand

The first and second factors that affect white cardamom price are connected. The first factor is robust export demand. When the export demand is getting higher, the price will be higher too. Cardamom exporters would like to gain as much profit from importers who are willing to pay more.

When there are more importers willing to purchase their products, cardamom exporters are going to increase the price range of their products. When some importers look away, there are still some other importers willing to buy from them at any price.

The price will be higher when the stock is getting lower. What makes the stock of cardamom in exporters’ countries get lower? The production shortfall.

Production shortfall

Production shortfall may be caused by crop failure. For example, in 2019, about 70% of cardamom plants in Central Java experienced crop failure. About 60 thousand of seedlings were planted in early to middle of 2019. This isn’t good news, especially when the export demand is robust.

When the export demand is robust but the exporters experienced crop failure, the stock will be super low, which means importers need to scramble in order to get the queen of the spice. This makes importers willing to pay more to get the products they need.

As a result, exporters will only sell their cardamom to importers who are willing to buy at a higher price. There is another factor that affects the price of cardamom.


Some traders of cardamom say manipulations that are done by middlemen can cause the drop in prices of cardamom. Some of those traders believe that some middlemen formed a syndicate and deteriorated the cardamom market. Who are those middlemen?

Those middlemen are players in the cardamom market that are all experienced. They know the trading tricks but what they did is make cardamom farmers lose. Getting cardamom at a lower price is a dream come true for all importers. But you should check what makes the price of cardamom lower.

It is highly recommended to purchase cardamom directly from the farmers in order to help them. If you can get cardamom at a low price the farmers are losing, it isn’t the best way to get the spice.

Understanding the latest white cardamom price is crucial, since this spice is the third priciest price in the world. Three different factors affect the price of this spice. Find all details about cardamom on this page and use the information to get the quality white cardamom from Indonesia.

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