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White cardamom is a wonderful spice with a lot benefits. Learn everything you need to know about the spice here.

White Cardamom is also known as kapulaga or amomum compactum. It is native to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and India. There are two main types or varieties of cardamom, black cardamom and green cardamom. But now, people also know another variety of cardamom called white cardamom.

Is the white one a new variety of cardamom? How can you use the white one? Does this variety have benefits just like the other two varieties? Everything you need to know, especially about the white variety of cardamom, can be found below.

What Is White Cardamom

Cardamom comes in two main types and one of them is the green cardamom. When it is bleached, it becomes white cardamom. But there is also another type of cardamom that is known as white cardamom, its actual name is the Siam cardamom from Southeast Asian countries.

Both white and green cardamoms belong to the family of Zingiberaceae. The size of Siam cardamom is smaller than the black one. Siam cardamom is an excellent spice that has so many benefits. Find out more about the benefits of Siam cardamom below.

White Cardamom Taste

The taste or flavor profile of Siam Cardamom is just like the taste of the green one. however, the taste of Siam cardamom is less camphoraceous. Besides, the white variety of cardamom has more floral flavor with some notes of lemon.

The Siam cardamom’s fragrance also has some hints of mint. Compared to green cardamom, Siam cardamom is less pungent. But you can use the white variety to substitute the green one since both of them are similar enough.

Just make sure you use more of the Siam cardamom in order to replace the green one if you are interested in seasoning your dishes with cardamoms.

White Cardamom Uses

People in Asia, especially Thailand, India, and China use cardamom in their daily life. Cardamom can be used as cooking spices and flavorings, both in drink and food. Also, some people even use cardamom as a medicine. Some other people in Asia even smoke cardamom. Here is how to use it.

1. Foods and cooking

Cardamom comes with a strong and unique taste. It also has an intense aroma and resinous fragrance. White and green cardamoms are a common ingredient in many cooking, especially in Indian cooking. This cardamom is also used in many Nordic countries, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

People also use white cardamom to make some traditional treats, like the Julekake (Scandinavian Yule bread), kardemummabullar sweet bun from Sweden, and pulla the sweet bread from Finland. This spice is often used in the making of savory dishes in Middle Eastern Countries.

2. Beverages

Cardamom is also a famous spice that is used in the making of beverages. In some countries in the Middle East for example, people use cardamom powder to flavor their traditional tea and coffee. In India, people make spiced tea called masala chai with cardamom.

Some countries even use cardamom, especially the white one as a medical purpose. China and Korea are two countries that are still using cardamom in their traditional medication.

White Cardamom Benefits

You may wonder why so many people in many countries are still using cardamom in their daily life. Siam cardamom and some other varieties of cardamom have so many benefits for human’s health. Below are some benefits you will get by adding cardamom to your daily meals.

1. Lower blood pressure

People believe that cardamom can be truly helpful for those who have problems with high blood pressure. Cardamom has antioxidants in high levels which means this spice may increase the antioxidant status of people who consume cardamom.

Besides, white cardamom is able to lower people’s blood pressure because of its diuretic effect. The diuretic property is promoting the urination to remove all water that builds up in someone’s body, like the one around the heart. Cardamom can increase urination and also decrease blood pressure at once.

2. Fight cancer cells

Some compounds in cardamom are able to fight cancer cells. Cardamom is able to increase some enzymes’ activity so that those enzymes can fight cancer. This spice can also enhance the natural killer cells’ ability so they can attack tumors.

3. Protect you from chronic diseases

Inside cardamoms, there are compounds that are able to fight inflammation. Inflammation happens when someone’s body is exposed to any foreign substance. Long term inflammation is dangerous since it may cause chronic disease.

Fortunately, cardamom has a bunch of antioxidants. Those antioxidants will protect your cells so they won’t be damaged. Antioxidants will also stop the inflammation so it won’t happen. This way, antioxidants will protect your body from chronic diseases.

4. Help with your digestive problems

Since thousands of years ago, people have been using cardamom to help with their digestion. Usually, cardamom is mixed with some other medicinal spices in order to relieve nausea, vomiting, and discomfort. Cardamom is able to relieve stomach issues because of its unique ability.

Cardamom has the unique ability to heal your ulcers. Extract of turmeric, cardamom, and also sembung leaf is able to produce aspirin that will induce stomach ulcers. Besides, cardamom extract is also able to reduce or prevent gastric ulcers.

5. Prevent cavities and treat breath odors

Cardamom is actually an ancient remedy that is able to improve oral health and treat breath odors. In so many cultures, people freshen their breath simply by eating the whole cardamom pod after meals. Today, a manufacturer of chewing gum uses cardamom to create one of its products.

Cardamom is able to fight five bacteria that may cause dental cavities. Also, cardamom is able to reduce bacteria in people’s saliva by 54%. If you want healthier oral and get fresher breath, consider involving cardamom in your cooking.

6. Treat infections effectively

Cardamom has antibacterial effects, that’s why this spice may be able to treat infections. There are some compounds in cardamom that can fight some common types of bacteria. For example, this spice can fight candida, the yeast that is able to cause fungal infections.

White cardamom is a wonderful spice with a lot of health benefits. After learning about this unique spice, you need to consider adding this spice to your kitchen. Use it regularly to get the benefits of cardamom.

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