Does white cardamom expire? Find out how long you can store it

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Does cardamom expire? Figure out the details about the expiry date of cardamom here. And make sure you also learn the best way to store it.

Cardamom, the queen of spices, is known as one of some priciest spices in the world. People in Asia are using cardamom and many other spices in their daily life. If you are interested in doing the same, you need to know whether cardamom expires or not.

But first of all, you need to know the three main types of cardamom. The first one is green cardamom that has a long shape and green color. Then there is black cardamom that has a bigger shape and dark brown color. Finally, there is white cardamom that has a round shape and white color.

How long does your cardamom last?

Cardamom is available in various shapes. You can buy this spice when it is still in pods. Or you can get ground cardamom and keep it in your kitchen so you can use them easily anytime you need it. Powdered cardamom and cardamom pods have different shelf life.

Whole cardamom pods that have been dried can last up to two to three years in your kitchen. But the powdered one has a shorter shelf life, its shelf life is just between one and two years. Powdered cardamom and dried pods are excellent ways to enhance the taste of all types of dishes.

You can add dried cardamom or powdered cardamom to savory and sweet dishes. Cardamom also has medicinal value. Make sure you store them right so you can use them more often.

Does cardamom expire?

Speaking about spices, including cardamom, there is no expiry date like the other types of food. If you are purchasing commercial cardamom, the packaging will have details like “best if used by”, “best when used by”, “best before”, or “best by”. You won’t find details like “expiry date” on any packaging.

What does it mean? All spices don’t expire. However, the longer you keep them, they will lose their color and flavoring strength over time. In order to keep cardamom in excellent condition, you need to know the right way to store the spice in your kitchen.

You also need to know some things that can affect the quality of your cardamom. This way, you will be able to provide the right environment for this super special spice.

Things that affect cardamom quality

Though spices don’t spoil over time, their strength may decrease and their ability to season your dishes will be lower too. There are also some factors that can decrease the quality of your cardamom, whether the powdered one or the dried one. Here are those factors:

Humidity or moisture

You should keep this queen of the spices in the best place, away from moisture. If your cardamom is exposed to humidity at a high level, the shelf life of this spice will decrease. In order to help your cardamom last longer, avoid storing the spice inside your refrigerator.


Direct sunlight will also reduce the shelf life of your cardamom. Although cardamom expires is something that won’t happen to your spice, it won’t be an effective spice to season your dishes if the flavoring strength gets lower. Direct sunlight will cause fading of cardamom’s color.


If you are not going to cook with cardamom, keep the spice away from heat. Heat will cause degradation of the cardamom quality. Store your cardamom in a place that is not humid but make sure the storage isn’t hot as well.

Which cardamom type is much better?

When you are about to purchase white cardamom or other types of cardamom, you will find out there are dried whole cardamoms and powdered cardamoms. Which one of them is the best one? Both cardamom products have the same taste and aroma. But they have different shelf life.

If you need cardamom that has longer shelf life without losing the flavoring capacity, get and use dried whole cardamom. You can keep dried whole cardamom for a much longer time than powdered cardamom. Powdered cardamom will be exposed to volatile losses much more easily.

You can always grind cardamom and get freshly grinded spice every time you need to use this spice to season your savory or sweet dishes.

Is it safe to use cardamom after it expires?

Can you use cardamom after its expiry date? You are allowed to use cardamom after its expiry date. But this spice won’t have the flavoring strength and won’t be able to season your dishes the same way as the fresh one.

The cardamom’s ‘expiry date’ is actually the last day the spice product is safe for you to consume. And the ‘best before date’ is the manufacturer’s estimated time for the product at its excellent quality. When the spice passes its ‘best before date’, that spice is no longer at its excellent quality.

This means your cardamom may lose its flavor, freshness, color, and aroma. All spices are packed with ‘best before’ details. You can still use them but it will be much better to use the fresh ones.

How to store your cardamom properly

You can expand the shelf life of cardamom, whether the dried whole one or the powdered one, simply by storing this queen of the spice in the best place. In order to get the cardamom’s optimum flavor, you need to keep the spice in these conditions:

Use air tight containers

It is crucial to keep your cardamom inside air tight containers. If possible, store your cardamom inside glass containers. The airtight glass containers are going to help retain more flavor that comes out of the cardamom’s essential oils.

Keep it inside your cabinet

Then you need to store your glass containers inside the cabinet. The best place to store your cardamom is inside a cool and dark place. Kitchen cabinet is the most ideal storage for this spice and some other spices. But you also need to choose the cabinet properly.

Avoid high humidity and heat

Don’t store your cardamom inside a cabinet that is close to the stove or any other heat source. You shouldn’t keep cardamom inside a refrigerator since it has high humidity that will reduce the quality of your cardamom.

Cardamom expire date doesn’t exist, you can always use cardamom even though you have passed its ‘best before date’. Just make sure you keep your cardamom in the right place.

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