Some things to consider before buying a grafting knife

Grafting knife is different, it isn’t your typical knife because it is beveled on one side. You may use any knife for grafting but if you want to increase your success rate, then grafting knives is mandatory. The knife is designed to have an exeptionally sharp razor blade that allows you to make a nice […]

Learn how to graft plants with me

How are you guys doing during this lockdown period? It just feels like a holiday at first right? but then it felt a little bit bored over time. So, I think I will use this time to learn a new gardening skill, which is “grafting”. I’m sure it will be fun and most importantly it […]

10 Fruits that boost your immune system to fight the Covid-19

There is uncertainty if the vaccine for Coronavirus can be available in the near time. It seems like our immune system will become the only defender to fight Covid-19 until such a vaccine is ready. Scientists are working 24/7 to create it, around 35 companies and academic institutions involved in the research. Even when a […]

Fertilizing Snake Fruit Tree: How and when to fertilize Snake Fruit

One of the most important aspects in cultivating snake fruit tree is fertilization. Even though the tree produce fruits all year round, but to get the maximum yield, we’ll need to fertilize them. Therefore, in order for the Salak plants to produce extra fruits, the fertilization must be done properly, as well as ensuring soil […]